Project Rameka Working Bees

Big week coming up at Project Rameka. The main focus will be the planting of 1,000 native trees/shrubs, with working bees for that on Friday 28th (some school students taking part in an Enviro Schools initiative), then on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th. If you can come and help on any of those days, that would be great. Alternatively, you might like to give a hand to some more track work on Wednesday 27th. If you haven't been up to the Project lately (or at all!) you may be pleasantly surprised to see how much track is already rideable. There is even a rough link out to the Rameka Road now, hooking up about half-way between the Project Rameka entrance and the ford. That means you can have a cruise down the 2km or so of track already built, then cut back out to the road without back-tracking, unless of course you want to... More track building ahead over the coming summer. It's just getting better and better!