Further a field for Bay riders

Thirteen riders, and three support crew, drove to the Kekerengu region of the Kaikoura Coast last weekend to take part in the Moa Beer, Moa Hunt Mountain Bike race.

Due to adverse weather conditions the 42km race was shortened to 21km and 344 riders took to the hills by way of a fast flowing riverbed start. After a climb of 520 metres the wet conditions provided an exciting but slippery downhill section where many riders came to grief, thankfully, there were no serious injuries and all in all it was a successful mission for the Golden Bay crew. Homage was paid to James Kennedy the rider who was tragically killed in last year’s event with a minute’s silence before the start, and the organizers dedicated the race to him and his memory.

The men and women were split into hens and rooster categories starting with a young chicks and young rooster class of 13 to 18 year olds. Ironically in the Elite riders section, the first three riders home were all teenagers with the overall winner 15 year old Anton Cooper completing the course in a staggering time of 54.39. The organizers heaped praise on a young man with a huge future. Golden Bay also created an impression with the hosts when they singled out the Takaka turnout in the post race presentation, the girls leading the way with Mandy Richards and Annie Telford picking up 2nd place finishes in their respective categories H1 and H2 with Annie Telford the third woman across the line overall.

Mandy Richards 2nd (H1)

Frankie Knowlson 6th (H1)

Annie Telford 2nd (H2)

Glenda Allinson 9th (H2)

Dafydd Evans 12th (TR)

Jo Hambrook 12th (R1)

Mark Godden 19th (R1)

Bruce Telford 5th (R2)

Bruce Chick 8th (R2)

Mark Allinson 11th (R2)

John Etherington 22nd (R2)

John Taylor 32nd (R2)

Rob Dawson 16th (R3)