All go up at Canaan...

We've just finished marking out the last part of the Canaan main loop.  The final 2km of the main loop will by-pass the road and come out of the bush into the Harwoods Hole Car Park. There will also be an option to ride the Gold Creek loop back to the Car Park too, signaling the end to riding the downhill dirt road into the Car Park. It promises to be a 'Rollercoaster' ride with awesome views looking across the bush to Harwoods Hole, taking in classic Canaan geography, natural berms, and the odd rock squeeze. 
It will be completely in keeping with the rest of the main loop, and we already know this section will become the icing on the cake to what is already  a classic XC course.

Doc have started a big fencing project in the area set aside for the finish of the main Canaan loop. We liased with them to line up the sheep stop for the bikes to continue unimpeded.  Yet to be dug in to place, but otherwise ready to go.  The last bit of bush where the track goes is awesome too. This is the last section of the Canaan tracks to be funded, if you thought it was good this summer, just you wait.......!