checking out the good work in cannan

well thursday night seen three keen riders pop on the night lights and head into cannan for a cupa tea and some world famous J.T,s home made bread. not a bad effot  on the bread.
it was a grand old night, awee bit cold but there was fun to be had,so have it we did.
the new track work on the family loop is a wicked ride and for all levels will be a big hit , as it progresses up through the beach forrest onto the farmland  before heading back into the beach forrest it is becomeing very clear how beautiful this trail will be.
5km to 6km  leaveing and returning to the harwoods hole car park ,a easy circuit to follow for all.
well credit must be paid to the golden bay mountain bike club for all the good work that they are contributeing to this project in cannan downs, wicked and thanks for the work team. the once mountain biker, now digger driver, karl is doing great and had the wee digger all wraped up to keep the cold off, looked quite cute really.
so spread the word of this good work and come summer this will be ready to go and worth the drive or ride for the fitter ones to try this new trail.

go well , regaurds bruce

p.s never mind the spelling, i dont