Canaan Wood chop and Rameka club ride

Seven willing workers went up to Canaan downs to cut and split 4 ute loads of fire wood. This was to replace the wood that was burnt during the Gold Creek Loop construction that was done during the coldest part of the Winter. They claim it was cold up there......

Rob and Karl drove back down, leaving the rest of us to ride down a very wet Rameka.
Wet and slippery, but it didn't seem to slow Reece or Dafyd down at all !
A couple of minor incidents, one puncture and an exploding back tyre, punctuated the ride.
Project Rameka, Two Klicks (Rameka STD) and One Klick were awesome.

Just imagine what it is going to be like when we can ride from Canaan to the bottom of the Rameka creek road on single track.
Single track all the way....... Yeah !