Canaan Working bee and other upcoming events

There was a working bee up at Canaan on Sunday the 31 st.
Today we were just tidying up parts of the Canaan main loop. Its looking really good. Getting smoother and easier to ride.

Hard at work on the Canaan main loop

A message from the boys and girls at DOC. They are working on the lower section of the Roller coaster all this coming week. 

Brent and Joe are up there, and despite all the rumours they are alright!! Having spent the day up there myself with them and Mark, John, Mandy, Dafydd and Fraser they really do seem OK. Brent even promised visitors FREE BEER. 
If you bring it!

But do go up for a day, an evening (they have DVDs!!!.) and/or stay the night.

There are a couple of other volunteers from over the hill staying all week. It should be a very social event, they would like workers but they will also accept visitors!
They are working in the woods on the left as you approach the Harwoods car park, and staying at the homestead. Look out for the DOC ute, speak to me, John or Mark if you need guidance.

We still need a bit more money, to complete the digger part of the Roller Coaster. Over the weekend John and Mandy have promised a decent sized chunk, so the figure remaining is getting less....
I plan on an appeal on Fresh FM and maybe More FM this week.

The Canaan loop and Gold Creek Loop and The Rameka, 2 Klicks, 1 Klick, and project are riding brilliant. Its all dry up there, those Gnarly roots don't catch you out so often, and its FAST. Go ride it!

Four out of the 5 bikes that came down the Rameka at the end of the day were CARBON.......whats going on?
More carbon than a carbon sink.
Karl and his digger with Frankie and Joe and someone else from DOC spent 3 days working on the Canaan loop last week. Sorted out Big Berm and the end of the log ride among other things. DOC provided their peeps, Karl was given a bit of money by the club for his time.

Good on you guys.

Don't forget Dafydds farewell party this weekend. Bring a Leek. Its Pot luck really!  He also wants you to go on a social ride with him on Sunday. Bring a Rocket!!

Also on Sunday is the little kids ride with Debbie. Speak to her for more info. 525 8509

Brent should be facilitating ( what! ) a working bee on Sunday morning on the Rameka extension. Meet at the very top car park at the end of the Rameka track. 

Its a bit busy this weekend. Choices....

Thats all from me, I need a beer....