Such a simple line, such an eventful ride! (see below for report)

Participants: 3
Weather conditions: Head wind on way back
Special notes: Emma wore Jason's go fast thong: Jason wore skins: Rob had Peak Fuel drink on board.
Participants agreed to self time trial.
Emma set off first while Rob and Jason discussed whether to ride together two abreast or stick to the time trial rules and set off a minute apart. This took a minute or two to decide, hard to tell exactly how long.
Somehow it was decided that Rob left first with Jason a minute behind.
Amazing how far you can get in a minute. Rob was almost out of sight when Jason set off.
Rob dropped his pump on the descent down the hill into East Takaka and made the tactical decision to retrieve it on the way up the hill so as to not lose too much time.
Emma went straight passed the turning and kept going, Rob shouted from the turn off but Emma didn't hear, Rob kept going. Jason approached the turn off and realised Emma was still going and out of earshot.
Jason faced with Moral dilema. Keep going, or ride after the missus. He's a bloke, he kept going.
Rob stopped to pick up his pump on the ascent back up the main hill out of East Takaka. The stop was timed at ten seconds, but some momentum was lost, not sure just how much.
Rob dropped his pump again on the descent down to the Allinson residence, but because he's a bloke he kept going!
Jason closed the gap on Rob to approximately 30-40 seconds, but was it enough!
Emma unfortunately became the first DBTT / DNQ and that's a lot of letters to have after your name!
Rob and Jason finished with still no sign of Emma, they cycled back to pick up Rob's pump and found her sitting down by the side of the road knitting!
Rob finished in 34'47"
Jason finished in 34.36