2012 NZ MTB Cup/National and Oceania Champs

 Just for the record........


NZ MTB Cup, presented by Nature Valley – Downhill

Round 1 Queenstown Jan 7-9**
Round 2 Dunedin Jan 13/14
Round 3 Christchurch Jan 20/21
Round 4 Rotorua Feb 11/12
Round 5 Wellington Feb 17/18
Round 6 Napier Feb 24/25
** the exact format for Queenstown still to be confirmed

NZ MTB Cup, presented by Nature Valley - Cross Country

Round 1 Dunedin Jan 15 (UCI Cat 1)
Round 2 Christchurch Jan 22 (UCI Cat 2)
Round 3 Wellington Feb 19 (UCI Cat 2)
Round 4 Napier Feb 26 (UCI Cat 1)

RaboDirect Mountainbike National Championship, presented by Nature Valley (UCI Cat CN)
Nelson, Jan 27-29
4X Jan 27
Cross Country Jan 28
Short Track Cross Country Jan 29
Downhill Jan 29

UCI Oceania Championships, presented by Nature Valley (UCI Cat CC)
Rotorua, March 9-11
4X March 9
Cross Country March 10
Short Track Cross Country March 11
Downhill March 11

It’s a full summer of racing, with the major change for 2012 being the scheduling of the National Champs in the middle of the NZ MTB Cup. With a long standing commitment to Rotorua for the 2012 Oceania Champs, the National Champs shift for 2012 is all about maintaining equity between the north and south islands. This keeps travel costs for entrants to an absolute minimum while building to the most important domestic event of the year, the Oceanias