The Backyard Series Xmas Party

Club Xmas party. Get out there and practice your DROPS, PUMPS and SWITCHBACKS for the worlds first.....GBMTB Back Yard Series!!!

THE CONCEPT: There are a few keen people out there who have been building their own MTB tracks in their backyards. So what we plan is to spend an afternoon trying out 3 of these tracks and each getting our "Best Timed Lap" on each track. At the end of the day there will be a trophy awarded for the inaugural "GBMTB Back Yard Series" (not necessarily for the best time....) All going well we can make this a regular fun day out. Remember this is a social day out, NOT a full on organised event!

WHEN: Sun Dec 4th, This will be an all afternoon and into the evening affair. 

TRACK One: 11.30am at Rich Turners "Downhill" track on East Takaka Road.  BBQ lunch. Bring BBQ food to share. Depart @ 2.30pm.

TRACK Two: 3pm at John and Mandy's Tight and Twisty "Dunny Hill"  track at 38 Rototai Road. Pre dinner "Wine and Cheese/Gin & Tonic Sundowners" on the deck. Bring Wine and cheese etc etc type snacks to share. Depart 5.30pm.

TRACK 3: 6pm onwards an Karl and Frankies "Pump Track" on the main road out of town. "Pizza and Pump-track" Bring Pizza (or components of) to share.

You will need to bring: Bike, helmet etc and food to share for the above meals. BYO drinks. You will need to sort your own transport between tracks, there may be a possibility of a van and bike trailer being available on the day.

NO SERIOUS BIKE CLOTHING ALLOWED so get dressed up to the 9's and RIDE!!!

If you want to get out and try these tracks in advance just contact the above and make a plan. For more info contact John on 5258783 or at home on 5257347