Rameka Track Update

Hi All

As most of you will be aware, we have had a tad more rain than normal here in Golden Bay over the last week. For those of you that have had property damage or otherwise affected our thoughts are with you and I hope that life can return to (relative) normal as soon as possible. If you have been watching the news you will also know that the whole Bay is under water?????? Hmmm, not so.

We have been unsure about the state of our Canaan and Rameka MTB tracks. So today Mandy and I went for a run down the full length of the Rameka tracks. Good news is that things are not as bad as first thought.

The Canaan loop is all good.

The Rameka track itself is absolutely fine, bit damp and a couple of rocks moved in the creeks but otherwise 100%.

The new Pack Track withstood the rain well and is perfect condition, Yay!

Project Rameka and Great Expectations have suffered some damage in the lower sections, mostly on the creek crossings, due to a slip from further up the hill. The upper track in general is in great shape. Please respect the sign at the entrance to the Project that states that it is closed until further notice. Good news here is that Steve Zelco has already had his digger out and has cleared the slip off this part of the road so Great Expectations can be bypassed on the road.

Two Klick survived very well, some debris on the track but very much OK.

One Klick is in need of some serious TLC, so pretty much un-ridable, except for the wooden jumps, both of which survived the river flowing over them!!

The main damage is on the Rameka Creek road where there are 3 major wash-outs which make it very difficult to get down the road. I will be heading up there after work tomorrow (Monday) to dig a safe walking track around the slips so that the tracks will again be ridable (possibly with a short bike carry) until the road gets repaired properly, if anyone wants to help give me a bell or see you up there:0). This track could also be used to help get fuel up to Steve Zelco to keep his digger going as he continues to work at opening the road.

And with all that great energy here in the bay I'm sure it won't be long until all these fantastic tracks will be 100% again, until then come ride and enjoy!! Our summer holidaymakers will be arriving any day so lets spread the word that the bay is a great place to be and mostly still intact.

John & Mandy