Club weekend camping in Kaiteriteri

Club weekend camping in Kaiteriteri was great. 

Probably the biggest turn out for a club ride ever. 41 people!!! Pretty good. Night rides, kids rides, water slide, swims in the sea, shared meals. 

Shared tea on Saturday night
Some of the boys heading off for a night ride

17 made it up to the top of Cork Screw

17 road up Ziggy and Cork Screw. What a great track that is. Well done Karl. 

We need tracks like that in Golden Bay. Very steep country, but no-one walked up. Kids and old farts all made it up, then what a descent. Yeee-haaaa. One of the best tracks I have ridden of its type. 

No Chains...

Well done Kerry for organising the weekend. Good weather, good people.