Milk & Honey Race; Results 2015

Wow, what an awesome day, it certainly belonged to the teenagers with Cameron Jones taking home the coveted John De Vries "Iceman" Milk & Honey Trophy. Out of the six Under 17's that rode the race four of them were 14 and two 15 years old! Cameron Jones winning time was 02:43:19 So the record set by Henry Jaine still stands at 02:36:35.

Overall Results on below link, we  are still working on the splits, and will be also be posting some photos as and when we get them filtering through from our volunteer photographers out on the course. Thanks for coming/helping/riding/ and generally supporting this awesome race!

Times for the Road leg only (Takaka to Transition) see below.

And just to be going on with, here are the top twelve Fastest down the hill times from Pages Saddle (Rameka Start) to the Finish.

TOP TWELVE DH TIMES (Pages Saddle - Top of Rameka - to finish)
1. (bib 35) Cameron Jones 0'49'19"
2. (bib 65) Lewis Simpson 0'49'23"
3. (bib 3) Patrick Higgins 0'49'37"

4. (bib 43) Team Madmuzz & Badboy Billy 0'50'12"
5. (bib 5) Bradley Collins 0'51'23"
6. (bib 63) Seamus Ryan 0'52'01"
7. (bib 57) Tristan Rawlence 0'52'15"
8. (bib 26) Bruce Chick 0'52'26"
9. (bib 1) Brent Miller 0'52'30"

10. (bib 2) Jake Stow 0'52'35"
11. (bib 82) Ash Whitehead 0'52'46"
12. (bib 4) Derek Milne 0'52'50"