Canaan DOC volunteer working week

Joe Testing the Track
Here are some Pics of the DOC volunteer work program up at Canaan off the new Intermediate section.
About 500 meters of sweet singletrack was created through lush beechforest by Joe,Frankie,Tim,Brent and Jenna.
Once this track packs down and Karl can get the roller coaster section done this will be a great addition to the already awesome canaan track system.
There will be another chance for those that missed this week to be invloved with another one after Christmas.

Checking the Flow
Great new track
Willing Workers

Other great news is that that the final tick off, for the Kahurangi management Plan should be done before Xmas 10/11
Meaning that the Kill Devil and Barrons will be open,But you will have to wait till winter 2011 for the Heaphy!

Bring it on!

Posted by Brent.