Kids Ride at Milnthorpe

Lucas zipping off down the track
Deb Jones has very kindly offered to be the organiser and instigator of the GBMTB Club kid's rides and plans to get the ball rolling on regular rides for 8-12 year olds on monthly to bi-monthly basis.  With a bit more help and involvement from parents - we'll also be able to include some keen younger kids on some of these rides.

Deb kicked off with an awesome ride at Milnthorpe last Sunday by marking out a very cool loop track for the kids to follow.  The track was a winner and enjoyed by Joe, Finbar, Moana, Lucas, Jamal, Kaifi, Charlotte & Kier (with a little help) and also parents Deb, Mike, Neil, Theresa, Bruce, Mel and Mandy.  The 'big kids' did two laps and then we all enjoyed lunch in the park!  Thanks very much Deb!

(Please note:  The Managers of Milnthorpe Reserve do a lot of work keeping the tracks in the condition they are in.  They have asked us to reserve biking at Milnthorpe to under 12's only and please respect the tracks, other track users and PLEASE NO SKIDDING!)

Keep your eyes peeled for future rides up at Canaan, Waitapu Bridge and lots more.... see you in December.  Watch this space.
Moana, Jamal, Theresa, Kier, Charlotte, Mel, Bruce, Mike, Joe, Finbar & Deb